This year had a real steep re-learning curve for me;
Releasing new tunes, diving back into TV appearances, radio gigs, giving concerts & performing at festivals.
I’m in awe of the deepness of this connection, the freedom to do new things and excite everyone involved. To see how many people in & out of this business want me to succeed is a wonderful thing and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Stepping back into performances & promotion this year with most (but not all) of the music & story still locked in the studio, what I represent got warped in all different, interesting and also super frustrating ways. In part because click bait culture demands we pick sides, but mostly because performing songs celebrating perseverance alongside many interviews focused primarily on struggles with no corresponding album to reflect it, evades the real story.

Telling the real story is my sole responsibility to the music. My thoughts have been recorded & distributed for public record, since I was eighteen. I don’t take my relationship with you lightly nor this chance to represent something real. Lotta shit happened going back in this year and I REALLY want to address it as part of a concise project, on as well as off stage.

So, despite the fantastic feedback & successes of the shows, I’ve decided to push the October tour back, whilst I lay a new hand on what I believe this piece needs to be. If you bought a ticket, you KNOW I live to perform live. So this choice was a tough one to make, but I’m making it worth it. I want you to get the deepest of me, nothing less. You can hold on to your tickets for the new dates or get them refunded. In the meantime much much LOVE & see you soon.

Pete Philly